For Generations to Come

We are preparing for the future by giving our campus a facelift and expanding our capacity. We believe God has given us an opportunity to upgrade what He has already provided us for the generations coming after. Join our "For Generations to Come" campaign by donating to 2 options below. 
"One Seat, A Thousand Stories" is only one part of the "For Generations to Come" campaign. We are filling our sanctuary with 250 new chairs. When you purchase a chair for $65 you are purchasing someone's story. You are purchasing a testimony. Think of who would be sitting next to you. You can purchase 1 chair, 3 chairs, 5 chairs, 10 chairs or as many as you like! Save a seat for someone's story you haven't heard yet. 
"For Generations to Come" is our sanctuary remodel campaign. We want to prepare the Lord's house for new families as well as the families already there. We want to host the Presence of God in a place that can house multiple generations. We want it to last for the generations coming after us. You can give to the sanctuary remodel below.